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Hey guys! We made it to our 7 year anniversary!! 7 whole years! Who would have thought that when I made this server 7 years ago, with 1000x rates after getting wiped on official ark while I slept, it would have grown into this?! We certainly can’t do it without all of you! Special shout out to our staff!! Without them there would be NO EliteArk. Best in ALL of Ark!!! Yes, I’ll fight your dad if you say otherwise.

Check out our new suggestion forum on discord by clicking HERE

And as usual, check out our server lists @ 7 man Server List & 3 Man Server list.

Our new suggestions for everything ark survival evolved and cluster related is perfect for everyone to let us know what you think is best to change. Our cluster is 100% powered by our players suggestions and ideas. So please head over to our discord to check it out and add your great ideas!

Today we also added new item caps

7 Man Cluster “`

Weapons: 380%

Flak: 648 armor / 1125 dura

Tek: 805 armor / 1345 dura

Saddles: –

157 armor: Most tames including Giga, Mana –

93 armor: Golem / Quetz / Doed –

126 armor: Trike / Pachy / Diplo –

145 armor: Megachelon –

189 armor: Racer & Tek –

125 armor: Stego Saddle

3 Man Cluster

“`Weapons: 460% Flak: 745 armor / 1300 dura

Tek: 920 armor / 1445 dura Saddles**: –

189 armor: Most tames including Giga, Mana –

111 armor: Golem / Quetz / Doed –

145 armor: Trike / Pachy / Diplo –

166 armor: Megachelon –

225 armor: Racer & Tek –

189 armor: Stego

Like always, we are working behind the scenes focusing heavily on preparing for ark 2 and how we plan to completely dominate hosting it. We will be running state of the art equipment and our team is dedicated to providing the best quality ark 2 servers imaginable!

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