EliteArk Stream TRIO PVP Servers



Scorched Earth


Server Settings

What is Eliteark’s Trios Server Settings?
  • Max Players in Tribe – 3
  • Tribe Slot Cooldown – 12 hours
  • Harvesting: 12.5x (some resources adjusted for PVP balance)(Excl. Element on Genesis 2)
  • Taming: 12.5x Breeding: 10x
  • Cave Damage: 8x
  • Tame Limit: 400
  • Structure Auto-Decay: 72hrs Unrendered
  • Alliances Disabled
What are EliteArk Mods?

EliteArk comes with many custom mods to enhance your game experience. You can find more info about our mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=838339626

What Are the server plugins?
  • Auto-Decay (destroys structures unrendered for 72hrs)
  • Auto-Farm (carried dinos will auto-harvest with /farm enabled)
  • Dino Color Tokens (color your tames with tokens from the EARealm Coinshop)
  • Engrams Auto Unlocker (engrams are learnt as you level up)
  • Anti Structure Mesh (makes mesh foundations much less common)
  • EliteQuests (earn points and element for doing what is listed in /quests)
  • Gamble (spend points for a chance to improve your blueprints)
  • PVE for new player protection (automatic for first 48hrs or after being badly raided)
  • PVP Cooldown (blocks certain actions while in PVP for PVP balance)
  • Raid Warning (Discord DMs every 30min when your structures are being damaged)
  • Turret Filler (to quickly put bullets/shards in your turret towers)
What are the server settings?
  1. Flyers can be leveled in speed.
  2. Crafting stat has been increased slightly.
  3. Dino Souls are added back.
  4. Brontos can now be tamed but not ridden, in order to tame noglins.

Season 7 Dino Buffs:
– Quetzal (increase resistance)
– Dimorphodon (increase resistance and damage)
– Thylacoleo (increase resistance and damage)
– Ice Wyvern (increase damage)
– Troodon (increase resistance and damage)
– Megachelon (increase resistance)
– Griffin (increase damage)

The following dino will remain buffed:
– Velonasaur

Game Settings

Player Stats
  • Character Level 150 + Ascensions + Chibi (215 max)
  • Experience Multiplier 2.5x
  • Player Multiplier Health 2x
  • Player Multiplier Stamina 5x
  • Player Multiplier Oxygen 5x
  • Player Multiplier Food 10x
  • Player Multiplier Water 10x
  • Player Multiplier Weight 15x
  • Player Multiplier Speed 0.5x
  • Player Multiplier Fortitude 2x
  • Player Multiplier Crafting 0.4x
breeding stats
  • Dino Breeding Maturation: 20x
  • Dino Breeding Hatch: 20x
  • Dino Breeding Consume: 1x
  • Dino Breeding Interval: 1x
  • Dino Breeding Imprint: 150%
Taming Multipliers

Max Wild Dino Level – 150 (180 Tek Dinos/190 Wyvern/190 Rock Drake)

  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Health 0.23x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Stamina 2.5x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Weight 10x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Damage 0.17x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Health 0.15x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Stamina 2.5x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Weight 10x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Damage 0.14x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Speed 0.6x

Disabled Dinos: non-Tek Parasaurs/Liopleurodon/Titanosaur Changed Dinos: Bronto, can be tamed, but not be ridden

Building Settings
  • Turret limit – 150 turrets in range of 9300 units
  • Turret Damage – 1x (1.2x vs most raid dinos)
  • Max Structures In Range – 5,000
  • Max Tribe Structures per Map – 15,000

Disabled building in Genesis mission zones

ORP SEttings
  • ORP Structures – 1 per map per tribe
  • ORP Range – 100 foundations (30,000 units)
  • Progress ORP – Increases over 8 hours
  • 120 min delay on PVP logging for ORP. ORP will not start to activate until 2 hours after if you logged out during any PVP.
  • Max ORP Structure Resistance – 12.5%
  • Max ORP Turret Damage – 300% ORP
  • Turret Ammo – Finite
  • ORP Structure Health – 150,000