EliteArk Lootboxes
Exclusive plugin for our PVP Servers

What are EliteArk Lootboxes?

EliteArk Lootboxes is a custom plugin exclusively to EliteArk for our PVP Servers. Our lootboxes come with a wide range of rewards! Players can obtain and an assortment of lootboxes with a wide variety of rewards. Be sure to check our website for any future updates.

Different type of Lootboxes

Each lootbox has their own loot table with tons of different loot.

  • Air Boxes
  • Baby Boxes
  • Blueprint Boxes
  • Farming Boxes
  • Water Boxes
  • Skin Boxes
  • Token Boxes
  • VIP Boxes

There are many ways to acuire lootboxes:

  • Answering quiz questions on our discord
  • Checking in daily on discord ” .daily na “
  • Participating in one of our many events
  • Purchasing them with discord coins
  • Trading with other players
  • Purchasing them on ArkLoot

Example Commands

EliteArk Lootbox
EliteArk Lootbox Commands
You must use these commands in Ark chat window

/elitebox lootbox
/elitebox vipbox
/elitebox dinobox
/elitebox babybox
/elitebox tokenbox
/elitebox farmingbox
/elitebox airbox
/elitebox waterbox
and many more


Make sure you are in appropriate spaces for certain lootboxes such as waterbox. If you do it on land you will lose your box.
Be sure to check out EARealm for all your points and boxes

By linking your discord account to EARealm you will be able to see all of your EliteArk coins and lootbox amount. In order to link your account you must verify yourself with discord and visit the website. It will give you directions on how to do this step. It should take no less than 5 minutes to have your account fully set up.