Discord Rules

  • ➡️ No Spamming / Coin Farming.
  • ➡️ No Promoting Servers outside of EliteArk (i.e. sending Discord invites to other servers, streaming non-EliteArk servers in the Discord, posting videos with any non-EliteArk content in the Discord, etc).
  • ➡️ Keep Trash talking to Salt Channel or DMs.
  • ➡️ No tagging Server Owner or any other role above Senior Admins.
  • ➡️ Accusations against our team will not be tolerated. Tickets are the appropriate way to report EliteArk Team Members.
  • ➡️ No impersonating team members.
  • ➡️ Nothing against Discord Terms of Service or Community Guidelines (i.e. no talk of illicit substances, no hate speech, etc)
  • ➡️ We do not enforce dms. The only exception to this is when it involves staff.
  • ➡️Punishments for breaking the Discord Rules can include warns, temporary mutes, mutes, Discord bans or in-game bans at the team’s discretion. These rules also apply to in-game chat as it is broadcast via our Discord.

General Rules

  • ➡️ No racism or attacks on someone’s faith/nationality/sexuality, leaking personal information(Leaking a players picture is not doxing). Zero tolerance. This rule will be taken very seriously.
  • ➡️ Exchanging and/or offering real money for any in game items, bases, points, lootboxes etc, whether serious or joking will get you perma banned and both parties points/boxes wiped. Furthermore, Exchanging services or other 3rd party software or programs for any items, points or real money will be bannable.

Game Rules

  • ➡️ No scamming. Admins will not enforce this rule for trades to be completed at a later date.
  • Image
  • ➡️ No hacking or abusing any game bugs and exploits or plugin/mod bugs and exploits. Excludes Mesh Biting. Reporting these can result in compensation in game.
  • ➡️ No head glitching using structures. Head glitching is not the same as hiding behind structures like turrets, which is allowed.
  • ➡️ Bases that have not had a tribe member render them within 72 hours get auto-decayed. 24 hours on Aberration.
  • ➡️ One character per player per cluster. No second accounts or account sharing
  • ➡️ ORP can only be placed at your base, never at a fob. During the first 72 hours of a freshly wiped map this rule is not enforced.
  • ➡️ PVE only works inside your ORP radius. You must place/set your ORP to benefit from PVE.
  • ➡️ Tribes who have PVE are not allowed to raid. The tribe leader can type /pvp in-game to end the PVE early. Once your PVE is disabled you cannot receive it again unless your tribe is badly raided.
  • ➡️ Tribes with PVE may defend their base within render distance of their base. IE clear fobs, destroy turrets that block them from leaving, clear structures that stop them from building, etc.
  • ➡️ You may not attack tribes who have PVE i.e. Drain turrets, PVP tribes at their protected bases, set up a FOB before protection expires, etc. You must /pvecheck to make sure a base is not on PVE before raiding.
  • ➡️ Insiding is HWID bannable across our network. Substantial evidence must be provided to show that insiding has taken place. WE DO NOT REPLACE ANY ITEMS STOLEN OR LOST DUE TO INSIDING. YOU INVITED THEM, YOU TRUSTED THEM. The tribe leader must give permission for you to take anything when leaving your tribe, even imprinted tames.Everything farmed, looted, tamed and bred while in a tribe belongs to the tribe. To receive support with Insiding you MUST have the same Tribe Owner on all maps – even maps you only fobbed on.
  • ➡️ All Players/Tribes that knowingly benefit from another player insiding, will receive the same punishment as the insider. This is at Admin discretion.
  • ➡️ Destroying structures through the mesh is forbidden. This includes using Meks or Titans. Using Gigas or other dinos to attack tames/players is fine. Luring wild dinos to an enemy base is fine. Build in rat holes or easily mesh hittable locations at your own RISK.

Building Rules

  • ➡️ Absolutely no building within the mesh. All Structures will be Dev wiped and players punished.
  • ➡️ No using any building exploits in order to gain foundational support from anything other than the terrain itself. This includes using the world border for foundational support.
  • ➡️ NO meshed structures or turrets. This includes meshed foundations, pillars, ocean platforms, etc. Your structures must be easily destroyed by an enemy placing C4 onto it. Mesh turrets are any turrets shooting through terrain (i.e. inside a cave to outside the cave). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY that none of your turrets shoot through the mesh.
  • ➡️ No building or aggressive dinos whatsoever @ any of the following locations:
  • Fjordur teleportation area
  • Genesis 2 Rockwell Innards
  • Genesis 2 Space Bridge
  • Genesis 1 & 2 Mission terminals/zones (including base locations ABOVE mission zones)
  • Wyvern egg nests, scar, Magmasaur Egg spawns, or wyvern cave ON ANY MAP!
  • No building at or near Obelisks/City Terminals
  • Player spawn locations
  • Ragnarok Pearl Cave
  • Ragnarok Lava Golem Cave
  • Ragnarok Ice Queen Cave
  • Ragnarok Lifes Labyrinth
  • The Center Jumping Puzzle
  • The Center Ice Palace
  • Genesis Volcanic Cave
  • Crystal Isles Honey Cave
  • Crystal Isles Underwater Tunnels (with drop spawns)
  • All entrances and exits to caves listed above
  • Extinction OSDs or Element Veins
  • Valguero Aberration Zone entrances
  • Aberration surface and green surface entrances (red surface and blue surface entrances are allowed to be built in)
  • Island Volcano
  • Swamp cave (ASA only)
  • Any bases/structures/dinos found in these locations will be removed without warning. Building in locations not specifically listed above is permitted.
  • ➡️ NO teaming through building. One tribe per cave. If your tribe’s base is benefitting from defenses of another tribe then both tribes will be punished (i.e. only one tribe in Center North Ice Cave). This includes if the defenses of another tribe don’t leave room for you to be fobbed from one or more directions.
  • ➡️ No open world structures – especially turrets, tek forcefields or gates. The exceptions are beds, transmitters, taming traps for wild dinos, Plant Y and C4 traps. Open world structures will be removed without warning and lead to tribe punishments.
  • ➡️ No abusing no collision to spam structures inside of each other for the purpose of base defense or pvp. For example, cryofridges spammed inside each other at a crouch point. Structures should not overlap each other. The exception is when vaults are stacked vertically on a turret tower or wall.
  • ➡️ Base/Turret Tower spam is allowed in a 40 foundation radius. A turret tower must have at least 40 turrets to count as a turret tower for extending spam radius. You have 12 hours after a raid is concluded to fix your spam or replace the tower.
  • ➡️ Defenders are only responsible for clearing the fob and spam in render distance of their legal base/tower spam. Spam out of render distance will be treated as open world structures and punished accordingly.
  • ➡️ At least one side of SS Vacuum Compartments must remain closed so the chamber can be legitimately damaged/destroyed.
  • ➡️ Structures should only be used according to their intended purpose. (I.E.: Using tek crop plots to build a bridge is considered a violation of this rule.)
  • ➡️ No building in areas you need tricks to get into. Tricks include knocking yourself out, tek suit/glider suit access only, ptera c-spin at just the right spot, grappling hook, ziplines, only megalania/pelagornis/ovis access, etc.

Raiding Rules

  • ➡️ NO tunnel builds. This includes building foundations below or above a base in order to build walls up/down and then tunnel with ceilings and walls to the base walls in order to avoid turrets while negating enemy building radius AKA the exploit that allows you to build next to an enemy building when you aren’t supposed to. Building a tower/structure next to a base for the purpose of soaking turrets is permitted.
  • ➡️ Defenders are responsible for pushing and clearing fobs at their base. Fobs allowed to stay will be seen as an illegal fob. This should be reported in a ticket and admins will monitor.
  • ➡️ NO teaming to attack or defend a tribe at the same time. Raids are 1 tribe vs 1 tribe unless being legally countered.
  • ➡️ Countering is allowed. Countering must include a counter fob and clear attempts to take over the raid. It’s NOT allowed to only snipe as a third party tribe, without a counter fob. Any interference by a 3rd tribe at a raid is considered teaming. Proof of interference can include screenshots, clips and/or tribe logs. Evidence must clearly show all interference was as the raid. Tribe logs are not enough to prove this.
  • ➡️ ASE & ASA Any handcuffed players MUST be released within 1 hour of the raid no longer being active. This includes the raiding tribe not rendering the fob for an hour. Handcuffing players to anything other than beds or bunk beds is not allowed. Violating this rule may result in admins leaving the unhandcuffed player in your fob. Burden of proof is on the handcuffed player. SS showing in game chat can be used to show when handcuffing started.

Platform Dino Rules

  • ➡️ You may block the rider provided your structures do not create turret line of sight to prevent the dino from taking any damage. This means the dino can not be damaged from any direction.
  • ➡️ Tribes placing turrets on any platform saddle will be punished. There are no exceptions for this rule so build sky bases at your own risk.

Other Rules

  • ➡️ Stacking dinos is forbidden. Stacked dinos will be admin wiped without notice and further punishments will apply for repeat offenders. Dinos that get stacked while growing up need to be picked up as soon as they become adults.
  • ➡️ Tribes causing server performance issues (lag, crashes, etc) will be banned without warning.


Punishment for breaking the rules is at the sole discretion of the Admins. Punishments will differ based upon the rule you broke, your intent and if you have broken rules before.

Some punishments will be placed on the tribe in game. Others will be placed on the individual player.
Teaming will result in the tribe owners banned. Further individual or tribe punishment may also be included.
The whole tribe will be punished for an individual’s actions when the person responsible is unclear.
Punishments can include warnings, reduction of damage/harvest for your tribe, character deletion, dino/structure wipe, EliteArk currency wipe (points/lootboxes/coins/etc), temporary ban or permanent ban (including HWID ban).
False reports, especially ones that waste significant admin time, will lead to punishment for the reporting player.

Last Updated: 15th January 2024

Notice Someone Breaking the Rules?

It is your responsibility to report rule breaking within a reasonable period of time.
For enforcing the rules the Admins rely on:

  • Information provided by players in tickets;
  • Information provided by plugins; and
  • Information they collect themselves as via Spectator Mode.

If you notice someone breaking a rule please make a Ticket via Discord to report it. For your ticket to be actioned quickly it is vital that you provide as much evidence as possible to support your claim. For example, screenshots or video showing what the player is doing. A screenshot showing the in-game name of the offending tribe/players. Etc. If insufficient evidence is provided the admins often cannot take any action so please provide to much information rather than too little.

Been Banned?

If you are banned it is only after significant evidence has been received by the admins. Bans are not made lightly and very rarely by mistake. If you wish to discuss a ban please make a ticket via Discord including your Steam ID and the admins can discuss it with you.