Raid protections are an in-game mechanisms to make it harder for a tribe to be raided while playing on EliteArk. The goal is to encourage online PVP/raiding between tribes and allow new players to build up without fear of being raided.

There are two types of Raid Protection:

  •  PVE Protection
  •  Offline Raid Protection

Both types of raid protection rely on you placing a MAGA ORP structure. On 7man/Trios this can be crafted in your inventory for 1 thatch. This should be placed centrally in your base. It is better to provide protection for your breeders/blueprints than to protect outer defences.

PVE Protection lasts a maximum of 48hrs. At the start of freshly added maps nobody has PVE. New tribes to the cluster on the freshly added maps receive AUTOMATIC PVE that lasts for 48hrs. Tribes can also apply for PVE if they have been badly raided from all maps and require it to rebuild. Check Discord Announcements for info about the automatic PVE on new maps. Make a PVE ticket in #help-chat if you have been badly raided and need more PVE time.

The timer starts ticking down from when your first tribe member joins each map, even if you haven’t placed your ORP structure yet. It means that all tribe structures, tribe tames and tribe members within the radius of your ORP have immunnity from both PVP and PVE until your PVE timer runs out. You can still be attacked while out in the open world. This immunity is intended to allow you to build up to a place where you can properly defend yourself against other tribes. Use this time wisely!

As a trade-off for this immunity it is strictly forbidden to raid other tribes while you are protected by PVE Protection. This includes soaking turrets, destroying structures or killing tames at other people’s bases. Definitely do not place an ORP at your fob! If you are reported to be raiding while on PVE you will normally immediately forfeit your PVE Protection (yes, that means they can come raid you even if you’re not ready for them yet). Admins may also apply other punishments depending on the situation.

If you wish you can have your PVE time ended early so you can raid. Your tribe owner can disable your PVE at any time with the /pvp command. THIS IS A ONE WAY PROCESS! You will not be given PVE again unless you are badly raided.

The other situation where PVE Protection is granted is following a major raid. If your tribe suffers significant losses during a raid the admins will, on a case-by-case basis, grant you fresh PVE Protection. This is to allow you to rebuild and keep playing on the server. Admins will need to see screenshots of your tribe log and a screenshot of your base showing the extent of the damage inflicted. This isn’t given easily so please only apply if the damage would warrant it. To apply for Newbie Protection please make a ticket on Discord in the #help_chat text channel.

If you are worried an enemy tribe might be on PVE you can check their PVE status before raiding them. To do this type /pvecheck while looking at their structures.

Common Issues to be aware of:

  •  Be careful who you invite! If you invite anyone who started on the map before you did then it can void your PVE Protection.
  •  You must not raid while benefiting from PVE Protection.
  •  If you encounter another tribe on PVE Protection it is against the rules to raid them. This includes griefing them by soaking their turrets.

PVE Protection is one of the many plugins that we run on the EliteArk Unofficial Ark Survival Evolved Servers to encourage online PVP. You might also be interested in how Offline Raid Protection functions on EliteArk.