EliteArk Trios PVP Servers

Scorched Earth

Server Settings

What is Eliteark’s Trios Server Settings?
  • Max Players in Tribe – 3
  • Tribe Slot Cooldown – 12 hours
  • Harvesting: 12.5x (some resources adjusted for PVP balance)(Excl. Element on Genesis 2)
  • Taming: 12.5x Breeding: 10x
  • Cave Damage: 6x
  • Tame Limit: 600
  • Structure Auto-Decay: 72hrs Unrendered
  • Alliances Disabled
What Are the server plugins?
  • Auto-Decay (destroys structures unrendered for 72hrs)
  • Auto-Farm (carried dinos will auto-harvest with /farm enabled)
  • Dino Color Tokens (color your tames with tokens from the EARealm Coinshop)
  • Engrams Auto Unlocker (engrams are learnt as you level up)
  • Anti Structure Mesh (makes mesh foundations much less common)
  • EliteQuests (earn points and element for doing what is listed in /quests)
  • Gamble (spend points for a chance to improve your blueprints)
  • PVE for new player protection (automatic for first 48hrs or after being badly raided)
  • PVP Cooldown (blocks certain actions while in PVP for PVP balance)
  • Raid Warning (Discord DMs every 30min when your structures are being damaged)
  • Turret Filler (to quickly put bullets/shards in your turret towers)

Game Settings

Player Stats
  • Character Level 150 + Ascensions + Chibi (215 max)
  • Experience Multiplier 2.5x
  • Player Multiplier Health 2x
  • Player Multiplier Stamina 5x
  • Player Multiplier Oxygen 5x
  • Player Multiplier Food 10x
  • Player Multiplier Water 10x
  • Player Multiplier Weight 15x
  • Player Multiplier Speed 0.5x
  • Player Multiplier Fortitude 2x
  • Player Multiplier Crafting 0.4x
breeding stats
  • Dino Breeding Maturation: 20x
  • Dino Breeding Hatch: 20x
  • Dino Breeding Consume: 1x
  • Dino Breeding Interval: 1x
  • Dino Breeding Imprint: 150%
Taming Multipliers

Max Wild Dino Level – 150 (180 Tek Dinos/190 Wyvern/190 Rock Drake)

  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Health 0.23x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Stamina 2.5x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Weight 10x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Damage 0.17x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Health 0.15x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Stamina 2.5x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Weight 10x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Damage 0.14x
  • Dino Multipliers Tamed Add Speed 0.6x

Disabled Dinos: non-Tek Parasaurs/Liopleurodon/Titanosaur Changed Dinos: Bronto, can be tamed, but not be ridden

Building Settings
  • Turret limit – 150 turrets in range of 9300 units
  • Turret Damage – 1x (1.2x vs most raid dinos)
  • Max Structures In Range – 5,000
  • Max Tribe Structures per Map – 15,000

Disabled building in Genesis mission zones

ORP SEttings
  • ORP Structures – 1 per map per tribe
  • ORP Range – 100 foundations (30,000 units)
  • Progress ORP – Increases over 8 hours
  • 120 min delay on PVP logging for ORP. ORP will not start to activate until 2 hours after if you logged out during any PVP.
  • Max ORP Structure Resistance – 12.5%
  • Max ORP Turret Damage – 300% ORP
  • Turret Ammo – Finite
  • ORP Structure Health – 150,000