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Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer so far! ( If it’s not summer where you live, then just pretend ok

To celebrate Summer, we are giving away a FREE summer package to everyone who has been actively playing on either cluster. (We require you to have logged into one of our servers on at least 5 of the last 7 days in order to be eligible. Under no circumstances are you to create a ticket if you aren’t able to claim yours. ) Go to to claim yours!!

Today we are increasing TRIO caps. You can see below the current caps. This affects ALL items, Both in game and our lootbox items + bps.

Everyone on Trio’s is authorized to sell their bases now. Please READ very carefully as things have changed with the new tribe manager system. You MUST use the following command while LOOKING at the person you wish to transfer everything on the map to:

/sellbase This gives all tribe structures + dinos to the tribe of the player you’re currently facing at. This is ALL structures on the map and ALL dino’s.

If you merge with someone the regular way, ALL your structures and dinos on ALL maps will become theirs. So be sure to use the new chat command so only the structures and dinos on the map your’re on get transferred to them !!!

How to claim your summer packages

Keep up those TikTok Submissions!! We upgraded the gift card amount + Receive a special @TikTok role that also gives + points per day for having it! Once you submit that you have a chance of getting Free Summer Packages! Be sure to keep an eye on our Announcements for future updates!

Trio Cap Settings

Weapons: 340%
Flak: 598 armor / 1045 dura
Tek: 770 armor / 1255 dura


  • 141 armor: Most tames including Giga, Mana
  • 84 armor: Golem / Quetz / Doed
  • 113 armor: Trike / Pachy / Diplo
  • 128 armor: Megachelon
  • 178 armor: Racer & Tek
  • 141 armor: Stego Saddle

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